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summer Bog

As you know I dicussed Pedicures in my last blog. I can't say how much having holiday feet cheers you up and if there is a chance to wear sandals or thongs you don't have to think twice. Brightly painted toes are my thing... My toes are barby pink at the moment but next week I an going to paint them magenta can't be to samey afterall.

The Body Beautiful

The next on the list of importance is having your skin ..body and face looking fabulous. I think no matter what your size or shape if your skin is glowing that's what is noticed

How to achieve this ;

Make sure you exfoliate at least once a week using a good quality body exfoliater that isn't too harsh ...which will make you bolchy.

I like the sugar scrubs as they don't scratch your skin if you are a bit sensitive and desolve when you step in the shower bits left

Body brush with a natural bristle brush or mit : this will stimulate the circulation improve the apearance of cellulite over time. this will also improve the colour of yout gives a fantastic wake up feeling every morning. Always brush towards the heart follow one stoke of the brush with a light stroke with your other hand.

Always moisturise after your shower or bath. This will improve the texture and feel of your skin. For the summer time I like the body moisturisers with a shimmer through them.... they really make your skin glow.

Waxing; Girls I can't say this enough keep on top of your waxing for smooth legs, then if you want to wear that little summer shift no need to search for the razor.

Fake tan. For those of you with a paler complexion a little summer glow works wonders. Not the tangoed look. Go for something light to give you that sun kissed look. Before you apply follow the steps above never apply fake tan directly after hair removal as your hair follicles will be enlarged and the tan will soak in there giving you a spotty look...not good. Always wait 24 hrs. Always miosture the dryer areas ..heels, elbows, knees as the tan will penetrate deeper on these area making your tan look patchy so the rules for fake tan application are:

Not derectly after waxing or shaving

Exfoliate prior to application to ensure even coverage

Moisturise any dry areas otherwise apply to clean skin

Choose a depth of colour that will enhance your natural skin tone.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions ...every tan product is different.

Don't be scared.... if your are, have your tan applied professionally..

I hope you have enjoyed my short and sweet bog for July. please don't forget to check out the rest of my website and my face book page for updates and special offers

Take care and have is summer after all

Emma J

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