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Hypnosis is a natural state of mind found between consciousness; fully awake and sleep connected to deep relaxation as in day dreaming. We all experience this state several times every day. it can be described as that feeling as you wake, when you are comfortable and don't want to get up, you are happy just to lie there. When your mind is in this state it has focussed attention and increased suggestibility.

your subconscious mind is much more available to give it suggestion. hypnotherapy can help to change your mind set; it can improve your motivation, help to build your confidence and keep your focused along with teaching you relaxation and de stress techniques:


Hypnotherapy can help with:

Anxiety, phobias, insomnia, bruxism, stammering, pain control, smoking cessation, stress, weight control and assertiveness training to name but a few.

Each Session is an Hour long with the exception of stopping smoking with is approximately 2 hours.

It will take a minimum of 3 treatments for change to take place. This will be discussed between you and your therapist each person is unique, each session is designed specifically to suite each patients needs. Smoking cessation is a 1 off treatment and your therapist will assess your suitability for success.

Holistic and complementary therapies


I offer an wide range of holistic therapies including: Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Hot Stone Massage, Warm Bamboo massage, Thai style compress massage,  Swedish massage, Jing method clinical massage, Advanced Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage and Crystal Therapy, Ear candling, all designed to harmonise the mind body and spirit. These treatments are available as courses as well as one off treatments. I will carry out a thorough consultation to ensure your treatment is the best to suit your needs -relax and enjoy.


Facial therapies

we offer a wide range of facials from Natural Holistic facials to state of the art contemporary electrotherapy. All our facials are prescriptive to each individual client covering specific needs and demands. Please browse our treatment menu to see our offerings... feel free to contact us for more information or advice


Body therapies

Our body treatments are designed with luxury in mind, all products used are natural plant and marine ingredients to improve texture and tone of the skin. Taking you to a state of deep relaxation where to are enveloped in feeling of warmth and comfort .


Beauty care - Personal grooming

these treatments are what you will find in every high street salon they do what it says on the tin.......only better.

In my years as a therapist I have tweaked and changed these treatments spending months if not years researching new products and trends. Thus ensuring they deliver exacting results I would expect as a client. Long lasting and leaving the skin soft, smooth with velvety protection.


Electrolysis (electrical epilation)

is so far the only clinically proven method of permanent hair removal. It has gone in and out of fashion over the years. laser and IPL becoming popular due to being more comfortable and the ability to treat larger areas at one time. Although their results are excellent for long periods the hairs in some cases will eventually come back.

A lot of work and research which is ongoing has been done with laser and IPL but they have found it difficult to have 100% positive results on all hair types especially hairs lacking pigment cells and dark hairs on dark skin. What you have to remember is once the all the regenerating cells have been destroyed that hair is dead forever. To destroy all the regenerating cells in the follicle, persistence is the name of the game.. The apilus system is computerised and very high spec. It delivers a very precise amount of current for no more than 1000th of a second. For strong dark curly hairs we have omniblend which is also very precise, far quicker and more comfortable than the traditional blend method. This equipment has so many features to insure results it's the formula 1 of hair removal. I have used this system since 2001 and I am still like a child in a toy shop with it...... the results keep blowing me way.


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