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November - Finding your Mojo

Welcome to my November Blog. I keep promising a regular blog but I'm afraid life and stifled creativity takes over. Today one of my oldest friends rescheduled our lunch date so I had a few unaccounted for hours to spare... the Beast from the East is having a wee coughing fit up her in Glasgow, so the garden chores can wait a while... We have been lucky with the weather so far and my days off have whiled away with lovely walks with my new puppy Leotie... she is cooried up by the fire with her moon bone today.

When I started writing this blog a couple of hours ago it has grown arms and legs ...I'm afraid maybe a little to much creativity so here is my November blog with a slightly different slant this month:

November in our industry has a tendency to be quiet ... it is a time to empty stock cupboards look at menus and websites and dream wonderful tempting sensations for our clients Christmas expectations.

I call it the twilight month. The clocks have gone back, the days are shorter and eventually colder. It is the transition from the light frivolous months of summer to the hibernating and conserving months ahead... Christmas and the winter fuel hikes are looming, I changed to outfox the market this year with promises of massive savings...

- I don't Know about you - no matter how prepared I am and how much I fight it, I get that financial panic twinge in November. It doesn't help this year that the financial and political energies are in turmoil.. they do like to spread the LOVE... the planets have been in retrograde ... need I say more. To overcome this feeling of fear and negativity I have to get busy.. mentally, physically, and spiritually - no more resting on my laurels - put my nervous energy to positive use...

I find November is a good time for reflection ... TRUE REFLECTION like a prequel to the New Year...

where am I ?

How far have I come? (past and present).

Where would I like to be? (future dreams?)

What needs to be focussed on to get there? (Proactive planning!)

This formula I find can be used for any life situation: Financial, Family, Social. Material, Love & Relationships, Faith and so on.

So my questions for this November... are a true introspection of what I as a therapist will bring to my clients

What are my Gifts/ Talents?

Do I have a specialism?

How do I use these to help ?

Out of interest ...How do you let people know what you are about? I must let you know at this stage, this was a real challenge for me.

This is my process and where I go off piste a bit... I use a range of tools to guide and motivate me along my path or journey ... this thing we call life...

The first are my doing tools which reduce the chances of getting caught up in the mole hills;

The first is mindfulness - focus on what you are doing at any given time - be in the moment - for example my clients expect naturally my full 100% attention and that is what strive I give. Everything you do, you are working towards this. it stops the sabotage, it stops the mind babble.

The second is objectiveness:

Remember the chances are, we will never know the full story of any situation so try very very hard not to judge... a day in someones else's shoes with different points of view.

These two actions really help in avoiding negative thought patterns... we are all human, not gods we just have to check ourselves when the negative gripes start to take hold.

One of the easiest ways to start the process of change or stop the process of negativity is to wear a gratuity bracelet or a ring or something you can change from one side of the body to the other without much effort. it can be an elastic band or a silver cuff ... whatever you like. Every time you notice a judgement a distraction a negative thought or word ..refocus change it to a positive thought or action and move the bracelet to the opposite arm. Continue with this for 21 days and it becomes second nature.

I use meditation for decision making ...I know Carnegie has been quoted in saying if the answer is not yes in the first 10 seconds of the question being asked.. the answer is no.. However, I find life is not always that cut and dried, sometimes you have to find the answer in the ether - sleep on it, don't be rushed, fresh eyes and all that.

Find yourself your favourite place in your home; a room, an armchair, a back step, a garden shed, just a place that fits you. If you like play some music preferably something that relaxes you, make yourself comfortable; wear a cosy sweater or have a blanket to hand. Ask the question... close your eyes focus on your breath, the music, and let yourself relax I usually find the answer will pop into my head when I leave the question alone.

When I am stuck, really stuck and feel I have exhausted every avenue I use another soul searching tool, my cards, for this you have to be objective - Ask the question, I find three cards work well. If like me you have a fascination for oracle or tarot cards... I love the art work and they help me to un jumble my thought processes and get to the honest answer within me.

Both these tools help you to strengthen and trust your intuition - you always have the answer... you just have to trust yourself to listen...

If by the end of all that you still need a sounding board I ask the people I really trust to be honest and objective enough to give me a reality check ...I can count them on half of one hand.

A long way for a short cut I hear you say -

It becomes on the most part automic

This November I have used all my tools. A combination of all with a good dose of reality to finish helps me focus on where I am going.

When asking what I bring to the table, what do people appreciate about me?

I am open, friendly and kind mannered. I have over 20 years of experience building my skills in Beauty and Complementary therapies. I scrape beneath the surface; if someone comes to me with a skin complaint I will look at all aspects of the person; diet, exercise, stress levels, health, to find the root and use different combinations for each individual... all my treatments are bespoke.

That is My Talent... My Gift... My Specialism.

What is Yours?

We have many gifts but what makes you extra special?

What makes you you?

Find this and that is your Jewel for success in life

Believe It !

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