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Spring time is here?

This is meant to be spring time. There is a quote that goes along the lines of "the plants know it is spring even if man does not" I think this is very apt for this year. Next week is spring equinox and it is snowing outside. I thought I was particulary organised with my seasonal offers. and nature does it again. Last month I ran with peeling back the layers of winter only to find that winter still had it's hooks into March. So a slight change of plan...

this month Im going to discuss the benefits of some electrotherapy treatments. The first one being one of my favourites due to the fact it does what it says on the tin in super fast time and you can apply makeup staight after:

The Caci skin regenerating treatment is an ultrasonic skin peeling treatment. The ultrasonic peeling handpiece rapidly vibrates on the skin (27,000 times per second) to gently exfoliate and revitalise. The vibrations draw skin impurities to the surface and dislodge dead skin cells revealing a healthy, glowing complexion. This is a more gentle alternative to orbital and crystal microdermabrasion able to treat all skintypes This facial treatment has three stages ; microdermabrasion, thermo pherisis and lymphatic dramaige. Thermopherisis helps to penetrate active ingredients into the deeper layer of skin giving deep hydration and firming lymphatic drainage massage improves the tone clour and texture of the skin the overall effect of the ultrasonic vibrations stimulate regeneration at a cellular level. the treatment only takes 30 minutes and unlike othe electrotherapy facials you are able to apply makeup staight after the treatment. The treatment can be safely carried out up to 3 times a week for oily and acne skin. Once a week for sensitive skins. the treatments are recommended as a course of treatments for 4 -6 weeks dependent on individual concerns then as a maintentance treatment of 1 - 2 a month. I have observed the best results for seborrheic and conjested skins over other electrotherapy treatments also ecxcellent reults for sundamage and smokers skin essecially around the eye and mouth areas.

Diamond Peeling

This facial exfoliates the superficial layers of the epidermis which encourages improvement in the colagen and elastin within the skin by removing the upper layers of the dead skin cells. Healthy growth of new cells takes place giving a smoother skin texture. This facial will reduce fine lines and acne scarring, improve sundamage and age spots giving a smoother more youthful radient complexion. unlike other peeling systems diamond peel can treat areas closer to the eyes and mouth more accurately. This facial is a more invigourating peel than the regenerator, skin is deeply exfoliated using the stimulating diamond heads this is followed by a vacum lifting sequence the final stage is a relaxing and soothing mask. It is important after microdermabrasion treatments that you use a high sun factor skin protector as skin will be more sensitive to sun damage due to the removeral of the upper layer of dead skin after th. it is recommender that no full cover makeup is worn directly after treatment for approximately 6-8 hours although Healing mineral powder are recommended examples would be Bare Minerals SPF30 and Eminence SPF 30 minerals

Microcurrent Lifting Facial Treatment

Microcurrent lifting treatment stregnthens muscles improving facial contours, firms the skin improving wrinkle depth and pore size. the circulation is stimulated producing a healthy and youthful glow. This treatment is made up of 5 phases: 3 lifting phases followed by lymphatic drainage and moisture infusion helping to remove impurities and fluid retention. The moisture infusion will improve the moisture balance within all the layer of the skin leaving a feeling of firmness and plumpness. This facial will benefit all skin types from the first stages of ageing (25+). for ultimate results a maximum of three treatments a week are recommended and anything from 3 to 12 treatments for an initial course depending on stage and concerns. thereafter a maintentance of treatment of 1 treatment fortnightly or monthly dependant on on individual stage. This dtreatment is also hightly effective as a body treatment to lift and tighten the buttocks, bust and abdominal areas

Photo Rejuvenation

LED light therapy is an effective skin rejuvenation treatment for all skin concerns including acne, Psoriasis, rosascia aging and sun damage. Based on research and development carried out by NASA the skin absorbs the light rays and use them as a source of energy to stimulate a healing response energizing the cells to produce cologen, improve elasticity and increase blood circulation and micro nutritional flow while releasing toxins. This treatment is clinically proven to be safe for all skin types and effective in a wide range of skin conditions it is gentle heat free and does not contain harmful ultraviolet wavelengths. Photo rejuvenation combined with microcurrent gives first class results in the improvement of the effects of aging.

There are lots of electrotherapy skin treatments on the market. The above are four that have stood the test of time, still producing excellent results and very competitive with the new treatments on the block. I feel it is important to also look at the price of the equipment ensuring that it provides a realistic treatment without being too expensive to carry out. The electrotherapy equipment we use in the beauty industry has initially been developed for medical use for instance microcurrent was developed to help with Bell's Palsy. To continue with the profitability and "pay" for the development the equipment is adapted for use in the beauty /cosmetic industry. Breakthrough equipemnt comes onto the market at greatly inflated prices until the copy right or patent is spent and the machines become available on the competitive market.

I hope this article has been interesting and a little bit informative. watch this space for before and after photos of some of my clients who agree to promoting the cause .... Forever young:D

take care and stay warm and motivated


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