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Emma's February Blog

Hi and Welcome to my first ever Blog

My Name is Emma. I juggle a small complementary therapy Business with lecturing full time in Beauty and Complementary therapies.

I have worked in the "beauty industry" for a long time..... I would say all of my adult life , but when do you become an adult?. Now I'm heading towards my half century.

IThis is my february blog. I would like to address some of the challenges we have in February. Everyone is looking forward to Spring.... the winter at this time of year seems to have lasted forever. It will soon be time to peel back the layers and reveal ourselves anew like a beautiful butterfly emerging from its cocoon!!

There are a few things we can do to help this process;

A good skincare regime, not just for our face but for our bodies as well. One of the main mistakes people make is using the wrong products for their skin type. They have a few spots so they buy the stongest 'off the shelf' products they can find which will strip the skin of all the good as well as the bad. The skin naturally counteracts this by producing more oil and in turn more spots. It is important to get to the root of the problem... book yourself in for a mini facial or even better a spa or prescription facial which will remove the congestion and help to rebalance the skin. A good skin care spelialist will give you a skin type diagnosis and advise you not only on what would be best for your skin but how to use everything properly. It is important to start with baby steps. When I speak to most people they have expensive products in their cupboard or drawer which they don't use because the instructions are complicated. Or one reason I hear everyday; they were expensive so they want to keep them for special occasions or they don't want to waste them...heaven forbid... My follow up question to this statement is always ...Why did you buy them?.....Buy what you are going to use... start off simply with a cleanser a tonique and a good day cream and USE them ...EVERY DAY.

For your body its important to use body washes that are PH balanced to your skin. Exfoliate at least once a week and moisturise every day. Continue with this regime and you will see the results straight away .....massaging in moisturiser will improve the superficial circulation, this will improve the skins colour and texture also the breakdown of the lumpy bits..... a word to the wise ....Never exfoliate with out moisturising or your skin will look like a dried out river bed.

To Wax Or Not To Wax?

I have heard many arguements for and against waxing so lets dispell some of the myths........

COST ; if you manage your waxing properly you should only have to wax every 4 to 6 weeks......the waxing process causes all the hairs to grow at the same time. the waxing products on the market have progressed and are capable of removing very short hairs. It is must better than shaving every day which dries out the skin, cuts the hairs so they grow in stubbly.

I DON'T LIKE GOING HAIRY ; when you wax a new hair grows which has a finer diameter and a tapered end. By the time you notice your legs are hairy they should be long enough to wax.

IT IS PAINFUL; I have to answer yes to this.... to begin with. The first time you are waxed it is uncomfortable, if you have an experienced Therapist they will be efficient thus making it less so. Never book you waxing for around the time of your period. Due to the hormone fluctuations the nerve endings in your skin are more sensitive to pain. Everyone has different pain thresholds and will find different areas more or less sore. I have a friend who finds her legs painful but her bikini and underarms she is hardly aware of. Again if you manage your waxing 4 -6 weeks the hairs should be fine and soft making it less paiful.

I ALWAYS GET INGROWN HAIRS; There are a few reasons for this... one reason is inefficient waxing where the hairs break in the follicle, make sure your book with someone who has been recommended. Another common reason is dead skin blocking the follicle...exfoliating and moisturising regularly will stop this. There are serums, lotions and moisturisers on the market which will also help to prevent this.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog until next time look take care, have fun.

Feel free to comment and ask your beauty questions....I will try to put the myths to rest.


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