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Welcome to my new blog

As some of you are aware of my story so far... I am not going to bore you with the intricate details at the moment, surfice to say I am back where I started many years ago and delighted to be here...

A potted history for those of you that haven't met me yet...

When I completed my studies in what was then an HND in Beauty Therapy; as an industry, it has now spread its wings and specialised into many areas, one being Complementary and Wellbeing Therapies, our industry has surely grown. I started my business working as a free lance /self employed therapist renting space in other businesses such as hairdressers and health and beauty clinics. I also worked as a mobile therapist and from home. It was hard work and long hours But really enjoyed it. To me it wasn't a job it was an amazing hobby that people paid me for. Eventually with enough of a client base It was time for me to spread my wings and open my own salon which I did with a good friend and fellow Beauty Therapist who also needed to find new premises. We worked hard together for ten years. There was only one real thing that was problematic; finding good therapists to work for us and keeping them. A problem that most salons had. I would like to say, we did have really good therapists working for us but finding them was like looking for a needle in a haystack and keeping them long term was also a challenge. I was becoming restless, I had, as I saw it, accomplished the goalsI had set when newly qualified. The next step would have been expansion, neither of us were really interested in changing the status quo.. upsetting the apple cart, but nothing ever stays the same. Another friend within the industry suggested I should consider teaching infact it came up in conversation often on different occasions. A vancancy for an evening lecturer came up almost by magic; the girl who's job it was was emmigrating and her dates were moved forward. I was in the right place at the right time. I was interviewed in the afternoon and was covering the class on a trial basis that night. it is now 12 years later and I am back, back to build my business anew. I feel excited and very very happy to be doing what I love hopefully better with more understanding of the bigger picture...

I started Elysium Therapies in 2012 as a sideline or a hobby to keep my practice up and immerse myself in my love of therapies.Y'know how some men put a sign up saying "gone fishing", well mine say "Doing Therapies". I spent a great deal of time researching products. thinking about what treatments to offer, puting together my website, information sheets and menus. It also gave me an excuse to keep learning new treatments and therapies. I built a beautiful treatment room in my secluded garden where my rickety old garage used to stand. Offering the best possible treatments to friends and friends of friends. I have put many enjoyable years of thought and energy into this new business. I hope you will love it as much as I do and will enjoy visiting my haven of tranquility surrounded by softly fragrent flowers and bird song. Where you can relax your mind, rejuvenate your body, and nuture your soul. You can also have your legs, chest or back waxed with organic plant based wax, your eyebrows shaped and coloured with the utmost precision, your fingers and toes filed and polished with gel or laquer to perfection and your electrolysis carried out as painlessly, under computerised precision, as possible.

I hope this intro has given you an idea of the experience and passion I have for what I do also if not to be too bold as to say skill and knowledge.

I will be updating this blog on a regular basis with new and upcoming treatments and views. Hopefully giving you an insight into what can be a confusing and contradictory industry. I will discuss current tends with lots of hints and tips on skin care, home remedies for aromatherapy, and other areas to promote health and wellness. Please comment, ask questions and if you feel the need... challenge my views... I do try to be objective...unless something topical in the media really bugs my annoyance.

Before I sign off.. please like my facebook page and check out the most up to date promotions

Hope you have an amazing week

Emma x

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